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The entire orchestral accompaniment to each concerto, minus the solo part, and in several versions – at different pitches, if appropriate, and different tempi.

All pieces are complete and unabridged – so all opening and closing tuttis are included, as are all movements of every work - and all accompaniments are fully orchestral throughout – no piano reductions.

There are appropriate tuning notes at the end of each CD – so you can tune up and then play the CD from track one each time you use it, avoiding the irritation of always having to skip track one if you’ve already tuned up.

Where it is appropriate for the work in question, there are two complete performances of each work – one at modern pitch (A=440), one at Classical pitch (A=430) or one at Baroque pitch (A=415), depending upon the repertoire. This is so that you can play on authentic instruments, as well as on modern instruments, should you choose to.

So a typical Absent Soloists CD contains:

A concerto at modern pitch Brisk (B) tempo
A concerto at modern pitch Moderate (M) tempo
A concerto at modern pitch Study (S) tempo
A concerto at Classical pitch Brisk (B) tempo
A concerto at Classical pitch Moderate (M) tempo
A concerto at Classical pitch Study (S) tempo, (CD length permitting)

And Absent Soloists CDs are always excellently performed and excellently recorded – in fact, digitally recorded and produced by Alan Wiltshire, one of the world’s best known classical record producers. There are no irritating and unstylistic tempo anomalies – which, apart from being profoundly unmusical, make an accompaniment CD very difficult to play along with. Our tempi are crisp and idiomatic and the orchestral playing is first class. All recordings are newly made, performed by London’s finest players - conducted by Anthony Halstead - and recorded in a beautiful, warm, reverberant acoustic.