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As-new Paxman 25 Europa - oooh...! PDF Print E-mail

Paxman Model 25ET

This is an absolutely lovely instrument which incorporates Paxman's unique, radical and famous 'Dual Bore' system, giving every note equal resistance, whichever side of the horn you play it on.  It's fiendishly clever!

No expense was spared when this was ordered: it's got virtually every optional extra available - titanium rotors (one of the last sets made), lacquer (99% intact), and a screw bell. A Paxman volcano-shaped backpack case, also in very good order, is included.

And it's got a Europa bell - very rare on a used Paxman because of its comparatively recent introduction and the fact that players hardly ever sell them because they sound so gorgeous. The Europa bell is the classic Geyer size and taper - a little bigger than a medium, so it's a medium-large - and is exactly suited to the Geyer style of Paxman horns.  It makes a glorious warm, noble, mellow sound.

This is a fully-loaded, top quality professional F/Bb full double horn in (virtually) as-new condition. The combination of dual bore, titanium rotors and a Europa bell is simply marvellous..!